At Marcus Tardif Consulting, our goal is simple – Improve your organization’s online presence with a creative, simple, cost-effective, online marketing strategy that includes a user-friendly website full of beautiful, eye-catching photographs and meaningful content, photography, digital art design, online/print advertising and digital animation including web videos and TV commercials. We do this by employing the best, most creative, local talent in the area.

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Who We Are

Marcus Tardif (Clearwater, FL) – Owner and Web Design/Digital Media Specialist

Marcus’ Background

In the late 90s, I attended the University of Florida and studied computer software, economics, and business administration. After personal computing became financially viable for families to own computers, I became fascinated with helping them figure out how to operate, fix, and get the most out of their machines. This love of computing exponentially grew when the internet hit the scene. All of a sudden, everyone had the ability to communicate with anyone in the world, from your own home, for the cost of a basic internet connection! My love of websites and website development exploded, and I’ve been helping people achieve their ・㉨・ best payday loans ▶ Go Here ◀ ・㉨・ web goals ever since.

I spent the next 13 years after university working for a large corporate benefits administration consulting firm where I was exposed to large corporate data networks, IBM mainframes, and scalable database management systems that housed billions of data points for millions of customer records. My project management skills were honed, and I earned my Project Management Professional (PMP) designation in 2008.

In 2013, I decided to leave the corporate world and invest my time and energy into my passions – bagpipes, web development, digital design, photography, and my family. Marcus Tardif Consulting was born, and I’m loving every day working with the best local customers solving their digital marketing problems!

Megan Garren (Dunedin, FL) – Photographer and Digital Artist/Illustrator

Megan’s Background

Recognized for her highly creative and perceptively executed photos, artist Megan Garren takes a photo-journalistic approach when capturing individuals and events, boasting a colorfully modern appeal, often tailoring an equally vibrant story to match. You can view more of her work at ( Her uniquely illustrative designs could be described similarly, often deriving inspiration from natural surroundings. Megan renders her designs digitally, using a tablet to orchestrate crisp, flowing lines into a harmonious pallet of colors. You can view her design work at (